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Emerging Ukrainian market
Is Ukrainian market worth of your attention?
With over 40 million population and recent political changes towards the western standards in economical development and social life – this second biggest country in Europe could be extremely worth of your business challenge.

Our solution is very simple:

Step 1: We size the Ukrainian market opportunities for you based on our own system of collecting publically published local, international, official and private data reports, sponsored experts research and internal views of our sources in the government of Ukraine.

Step 2: Product development. We can start either with product trials or a full-scale market penetration. Acting as your moderator we check, test and choose the proper route for your product to reach your customers either directly or via the chain of distributors.

Step 3: Product launch in Ukraine. It’s hard to overestimate the importance of a local manager when it comes to setting a new business in Ukraine. This is not just about to develop a successful strategy for business representation on the local market by knowing very complicated financial, legal and administrative regulations. This is more about being able to forecast and be prepared for many underwater cliffs that might appear during a settling process and after. Take the responsibility in liaison with the Ukrainian government officials and set the protocols for the local staff in dealing with them on the long run – this is what SoloWest can help you as well.

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