International projects in nuclear industry and waste management (since 1992):

  • “Creation of automated system” Control Center in transportation of radioactive materials in Ukraine.”
    International project U4.01 / 08 D
  •  “Improving the overall strategy of radioactive waste management at operating and decommissioning of nuclear power plants in Ukraine”
    International project U4.01 / 10 B + E
  • Support for the characterization and release from regulatory control of radioactive waste in Ukraine
    International project U4.01 / 10 C + D + F
  • Support for the management of radioactive waste in Ukraine
    International project
  • “Specially equipped near-surface repository for low-and intermediate-level short-lived radioactive waste” (ENSDF) ICSRM Lot 3;
    International project – IAEA
  • “Further develop the guidance document on management of large amounts of radioactive waste after an emergency situation (Vienna – Kiev – Tokyo) (2012-2014)
  • The project “Reconstruction of the disposal of radioactive waste “Buryakivka”; Development and approval of the feasibility study on the re-profiling of 6 special plant (DGMSK, LGMSK, KGMSK, OGMSK, HGMSK, DGSK);
  • Maintenance work on the extraction of sources of ionizing radiation of medium and high activity stored at the JSC “Electron-GAS” (ZheltyeVody), and transfer to temporary storage specialist company GK “UkrGO” Radon. “Investments reconstruction of CDEP Dnepropetrovsk GMSK”;

Internet commerce and B2B projects implementation:

  • – fully automated web site for selling train tickets on-line using API protocol for integration with the server of Ukrainian Railways (, credit card payment system and is a cloud-based accounting software service designed for owners of the types of small client-service businesses.
  • – originally designed on line machine for travel industry business with automated booking and selling process, using cloud based order storage and API protocol. Developed on Yii PHP framework.
  • – simple and easy to use website using diplomatic mission data and different protocols to make application for visa, payment and issuing supportive documents extremely easy.
  • – on-line store for the Canada produced line of natural cosmetics and spa products (project is under implementation with a target completion/launch  date December 1st 2017)